March 15 and 16, 2019
Written by Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique and Mica Sigourney/Vivvy

A drag queen and a drag queen walk into a bar, a room. They have pelvises and centers of gravity, centers of gravities, gravitas. And headdresses: imaginary. This is hair. This is a purse, these are shoes, that’s my hip, that’s not my hip. Oh, these are pearls. Seriously! Today all my cells are pearls. They have decided to move at exactly the same time.

Dear Audience,

Often this spot is where an artist will give context to their show, or expose some
of their research, or maybe even mediate expectations. There’s a common drag queen rule — don’t tell anyone what song you are going to perform. 

Once you reveal the song, your friend/fan might start to fantasize about what they want you to do, or what they would do on stage during the song.  They might picture a long gold bugle bead gown, they might picture a 1930’s finger wave but in soft pink, they might picture black fishnets, black stilletos. 

Then you come on stage wearing a pink slip dress, a long black seventies Cher wig, no stockings and Lucite platforms.   Thanks for coming to our show. We’ve spent a lot of time jumping around a studio giggling and gossiping about drag queens. We hope it shows in the work.

Fauxnique + Vivvy

Sound Editing: Marc Kate
Costuming: Mr. David and Amie Sarazan
QUEENT is co-produced with CounterPulse and will premiere as part of To Be Free: CounterPulse Festival 2019.
QUEENT began her life at FRESH in 2015. Many many thanks to Kathleen Hermesdorf!
QUEENT is created with generous support from the San Francisco Arts Commission.
Co produced by OX, Monique Jenkinson and CounterPulse