Zombies; why death is dying or are you working hard enough?

A project instigated by Ruairí Donovan 
in collaboration with Cathy Walsh (IRL), Jassem Hindi (FR), Louise Trueheart (FR), Larry Arrington (USA) & Mica Sigourney (USA) 

concept and direction by Ruairí Donovan 
winner of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Judge's Choice Award

“Freedom isn’t the act of shedding our attachments, but the practical capacity to work on them, to move around in their space, to form and dissolve them’ (The Impossible Committee, The Coming Insurrection).

This is an act of resistance. There is no crisis of economy, only a crisis of imagination. Zombies of immaterial labor roam freely fettered to a cycle of self production followed by self consumption, each and every human experience has become commodified.

Beginning at Midnight and ending at Dawn performers will become mediators and audience will become collaborators as we engage risk, intimacy and collective action to imagine a new future.

“This uprising is not a form of judgement, but a form of healing” (The Uprising, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi)

Imagine a world that operates differently to this one, what does it look like? A critically acclaimed international ensemble of Queer performance makers spread themselves across the public’s table for this overnight feast, setting into motion a vortex which pulls the spectator into action to dream a new future while the rest of the country sleeps comfortably in their beds.

This ambitious and experimental collaboration instigated by Ruairi Donovan was developed with the support of Cork City Council Arts Office and Ponderosa Tanzland & Uferstudios (Germany). Developed at FRINGE LAB with the support of Tiger Dublin Fringe. This project was supported by and developed at MAKE; a residential workshop facilitated by Cork Midsummer Festival, Project Arts Centre, Theatre Forum and Tiger Dublin Fringe.